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Communication Skills for Managers and Executives

PowerPoint may be the technical skill you want to master, but without a clear ability to hold your audience’s attention during your presentation, your message may be lost on your listeners. Zip Training offers not only computer training, but also instruction in powerful professional speaking. Workshops or one-on-one coaching can guide you through the development of your presentation, enable you to overcome presentation jitters, and bring polish and poise to your delivery style. Whether you are addressing a large group of conference attendees or a small group of prominent decision makers, this presentation will give you the professional presence you want to accompany your carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation.

What Training Areas Do We Specialize In?

The ZIP team presents corporate and individual training throughout New Jersey and New York. Training courses are available for QuickBooks and most Microsoft application programs, including Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook. Customized training is also available upon request. To view updated course descriptions, click here.