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Microsoft Excel Courses

Basic Excel for Anyone (2010, 2013 & 2016)

If you want to create lists of addresses, track inventory, or organize collections of items, this is the course for you. ZIP takes beginning students through the process of navigating a grid sheet, inserting text or numbers, and storing information in a file. The course also covers formulas and quick tips for printing. This is not intended for a regular Excel user, but rather for anyone focused on a specific task that needs fast training to get it done.

Two 3-hour sessions

Excel for Business Professionals and Administrators (2010, 2013 & 2016)

Level I — Basic Excel

Designed for busy professionals, office staff, and anyone interested in Excel, this six-hour program is geared to adult training. We present the ins and outs of Excel in an understandable way that gives the student confidence using this powerful program. Training includes navigating command ribbons, creating basic formulas, adding columns, formatting, and printing.

Two 3-hour sessions

Level II — Intermediate Excel

This intermediate course is intended for Excel users who wish to operate the system on a more comprehensive level. The six-hour course begins with an overview of basic Excel functions, and moves into more advanced formulas and functions, such as using 3-D formulas across several worksheets, sorting, filtering, conditional formatting, linking data, and splitting the screen to view large worksheets.

Two 3-hour sessions

Level III — Advanced Topics in Excel for Experienced Users

This advanced course is designed for experienced Excel uses and covers complex functions: lookups, statistical and financial functions, macros, tables, and charts. The course is usually customized to meet the students’ needs, and often includes an extended section on Pivot Tables.

Two 3-hour sessions

Microsoft Word Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Word

This short course covers the creation of documents using common keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and saving them in a filing system. Attendees learn how to format and edit documents using menus and toolbars, as well as more advanced skills tailored to individual needs. These may include mail merges, use of graphics and tables, and HTML conversion (to upload documents to a website). This course is NOT intended for professional office administrators who need to use styles and advanced formatting techniques.

Two 3-hour sessions

Word 2010, 2013 & 2016 for Office Administrators and Law Firms

Level I

This course takes you through office tasks such as preparing letters and reports, creating tables, and formatting documents with a professional look. It includes using ribbon tabs to navigate through Word 2007 or 2010, as well as inserting dates and signatures, copying and pasting with shortcuts, and using the clipboard. The course also introduces styles on a basic level and helps the user print effective reports with headers and footers.

Two 3-hour sessions

Level II

The next level of Word 2010, 2013 or 2016 covers the more advanced use of styles, as well as references, mailings, and tables. This level of Word is geared toward the students’ specific office needs, such as templates, signatures, mail merge, and tracking documents.

Two 3-hour sessions

Level III

This advanced class is intended for those who use Word regularly, and who need to upgrade skills in tracking document changes, using bookmarks, applying citations, and cross-referencing different files. This course also includes developing tables of content, inserting graphics, and creating forms with automation. The course is typically customized to the needs of class attendees.

Two 3-hour sessions

Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

PowerPoint Basic to Intermediate (2010, 2013 & 2016)

Learn how to put together a professionally designed presentation using text, graphics, and audio. All you need is your purpose, your target, and some ideas to consolidate into memorable points for your audience. ZIP increases your comfort in using PowerPoint commands, toolbars, and graphics to clearly communicate your message.

Two 3-hour sessions

PowerPoint Intermediate to Advanced (2010, 2013 & 2016)

The next level of PowerPoint includes more detail on master templates, as well as instructions on creating logos, sound bites, background music, and enhanced graphics. The course moves into more detail on presentation techniques, including animation, slide flow, timing, packaging the show while working within PowerPoint, and tailoring the presentation to your audience.

Two 3-hour sessions

Microsoft Publisher Courses

Microsoft Publisher (2010, 2013 & 2016)

Get your creative juices flowing with Publisher! Learn to use the program's built-in templates to create eye-catching layouts for business or personal use: flyers, newsletters, greeting cards, invitations, and more. Master the data merge feature to personalize your creation to each recipient. This course is ideal for learning to create professional business mailings.

One 4-hour session

Microsoft Outlook Courses

Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016 E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Synchronizing

Learn how to use the powerful tools of Microsoft Outlook: sending and receiving e-mail, managing a calendar, and synchronizing with your iPhone, Android or other smart phone. Designed for time-starved professionals, this abbreviated course covers organizing your email, getting rid of junk, creating contact folders, and more. We show you how to set up your contact folders, organize your email folders, and re-direct incoming mail with rules, as well as creating events and meetings on your calendar. This course is always customized to reflect your personal office set-up.

One 4-hour session

Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint and Skype

Office 365 with SharePoint and Skype
New for 2017


The Cloud environment has come a long way. This course looks at Office 365 now appearing online, as part of a new suite of “apps” that supersedes the older (2007, 2010) desktop Office suite. If you are considering the new package, this course give you an overview of the new look and platform for the office products. Is there any advantage for your company to use servers maintained on the cloud or save your files on cloud folders instead of your own network? This course will cover those questions through a demonstration of the log in and selection of Microsoft’s Office apps and other offering with this package. We also use hands-on exercises to introduce new users.

Topics covered will include

  • What does it mean to use “the cloud”
  • What are the different “cloud “platforms”
  • Microsoft Office—online as well as on your computer’s hard drive
  • We will check out the advantages and disadvantages of both
  • And Log in to see the online version
  • Accessing Excel, PowerPoint or Word from anywhere
  • An overview of the best new features of Office 365
  • Collaborating on documents in real time-what does SharePoint look like?
  • The Office Suite—online anywhere
  • Using Office 365 to conference, video and present
  • One Drive- Your storage space in the cloud, not on your hard drive
  • Additional Apps such as Yammer and add-ons
  • Using Outlook email, from anywhere


(This course is designed for new users of Office 365. It has 4 hours of exercises to introduce the new login, and online features of cloud computing.)

What you should expect now that your company is migrating to Office 365. You might have to log into a website with a new password. Participants will log into a simulated version of Office 365 to Microsoft’s new online version of the Office suite as well as several more “Apps” now included. This course takes you through the login, the Apps page and set up pages. During the course, we will cover the following:

  • Logging into a student account
  • Using Office apps online,
  • Accessing files and saving the files online to One Drive; or SharePoint
  • Using a Team site for real-time collaboration on documents
  • Use online Outlook
  • A brief look at Skype for instant messaging (Skype is covered in more depth in Using Skype for Business)
  • Creating notes with One Note


You can now access Outlook from anywhere. If you can log into your Office 365 account, you can log in from anywhere. Your emails and appointments are synced between all your devices. Using computers to log into Office 365 students will access an online Outlook account to see what is similar and what is different with the online version.

The course covers

  • Logging into a student office account and accessing Outlook
  • The new Outlook interface—what’s on the screen;
  • Syncing with desktop location; syncing also with tablets and phones
  • Attaching files from One Drive or Google Drive for sharing with others;
  • Creating a Groups folder—for faster messaging
  • Customize new Search features.
  • Inline Replies, Links to Facebooks, LinkedIn,
  • New Filtering features.


This course covers Skype, Microsoft’s update for Lync. This interoffice video system finds people when they are in the office so you can contact them quickly. The course covers instant messaging, video conferencing, and audio and video presentations. Topics covered:

  • Logging into Skype and setting up our initial options;
  • Reviewing the Skype screen for contacting others;
  • Contact one or more people located through the Outlook interface, and online (at their computers).
  • Have online meetings with and without video
  • Offer online presentations to training and remote meetings;

4 courses: 2 are half day; 2 are full day

Adobe Acrobat Courses

Adobe Acrobat DC

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat, this course will feature creating PDF's (Portable Document Format) from outside sources such as Word, Excel websites or scanned documents, editing and combining multiple PDF's, redacting, and protecting using the many layers of Adobe’s security on PDF documents. If time permits, class will also cover printing tips for Adobe documents.

One 4-hour session

NOTE: ZIP uses its own manuals. They are easy to read, and include step-by-step exercises that walk students through many topics covered in class.

Customized Microsoft and QuickBooks courses available at your location or off-site, in one-on-one or group format.

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The ZIP team presents corporate and individual training throughout New Jersey and New York. Training courses are available for QuickBooks and most Microsoft application programs, including Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook. Customized training is also available upon request. To view updated course descriptions, click here.