Basic Excel for Anyone (2010, 2013 & 2016)

If you want to create lists of addresses, track inventory, or organize collections of items, this is the course for you. ZIP takes beginning students through the process of navigating a grid sheet, inserting text or numbers, and storing information in a file. The course also covers formulas and quick tips for printing. This is not intended for a regular Excel user, but rather for anyone focused on a specific task that needs fast training to get it done.

Two 3-hour sessions

Excel for Business Professionals and Administrators (2010, 2013 & 2016)
Level I — Basic Excel

Designed for busy professionals, office staff, and anyone interested in Excel, this six-hour program is geared to adult training. We present the ins and outs of Excel in an understandable way that gives the student confidence using this powerful program. Training includes navigating command ribbons, creating basic formulas, adding columns, formatting, and printing.

Two 3-hour sessions

Level II — Intermediate Excel

This intermediate course is intended for Excel users who wish to operate the system on a more comprehensive level. The six-hour course begins with an overview of basic Excel functions, and moves into more advanced formulas and functions, such as using 3-D formulas across several worksheets, sorting, filtering, conditional formatting, linking data, and splitting the screen to view large worksheets.

Two 3-hour sessions

Level III — Advanced Topics in Excel for Experienced Users

This advanced course is designed for experienced Excel uses and covers complex functions: lookups, statistical and financial functions, macros, tables, and charts. The course is usually customized to meet the students’ needs, and often includes an extended section on Pivot Tables.

Two 3-hour sessions

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