Why choose an Enterprise eLearning Platform?

drive engagement

Drive Engagement

Offering accolades and achievements when users complete training objectives creates a positive feedback loop. Job success is directly related to user engagement during training. Drive engagement with our gamified features to produce desired results.

steadfast learning

Steadfast Learning

More often than not, organizations have to pivot to stay competitive. Lessen the impact top-level changes may have on your daily operations. Implementing our system allows you to have a steadfast method for retraining your staff. Incorporate a system that will readily support your corporate strategy at any point in time.

successful learning experience

A Diversified Learning Experience

Conventional corporate training fails to address a core tenet of teaching; everyone learns at their own pace. Our LMS provides fully customizable learning pathways that cater to the needs of the individual, ensuring holistic training success.

performance analytics dashboard

Performance Analytics Dashboard

Built to help you understand your employee’s learning experience, our LMS hosts a variety of metrics and analytics that will deliver key operational insights to your training professionals. Our analytics dashboard strings together relevant information, awarding admin users an important view into your training process’s effectiveness. More often than not, training platforms obscure performance reports with overly complex metrics. With our LMS, you’ll be able to receive employee KPI’s in a readable and comprehensible format.

Conveniently hosted in a single location, access the performance insights that you need to move the needle in employee training. Our LMS compiles individual data it collects from users and presents these metrics to managers so they are equipped to make informed decisions at a higher level. With the line of sight our LMS gives them, managers are able to implement new procedures or expand existing ones to align training with corporate expectations. We recognize that an exceptional company culture is formed at the ground level. Institute an LMS dedicated to your employee training.

Scale to Success!

Other solutions may impress initially, but when applied they quickly become a barrier to rather than a facilitator of successful employee training. The ideal LMS should be an engine for content creation, promoting learning materials and propelling employees through training. Our LMS focuses on automating the trivial parts of managing employee trainings so stakeholders can focus on creating captivating coursework. Using our admin tools to structure lesson plans is an intuitive process, requiring little time to understand core functionalities.

Benefit from our training solution regardless of size. Our service allows customers to scale employee training to the size of their operation. Whether you are operating a large enterprise or a single location, our offering compliments any sized business. Design coursework and establish learning objectives to guide trainees through your learning agendas. With our LMS, you will be able to see results immediately after implementation.

scale to success
cloud backed system

Cloud-Backed System

New hire learning occurs on the job just as much as it does in a classroom. Zip Training allows for trainees to receive on-the-job training as well as training in different environments. Our system is optimized for convenience and usability with an emphasis on how a blend of both creates a seamless experience for our users. Dually capable of being applied inside and outside of the classroom, our system will yield noticeably better training results in every new hire cohort.

Our cloud-backed system gives certain key advantages to you and your business. For your management team, they are able to upload, edit, and design course content on any device with an Internet connection. By the same token, your learners will also be able to take courses, navigate modules, and complete activities. This will improve content uptake and reduce learning interference. Additionally, a cloud-powered system requires very few maintenance costs and saves you the headache of manually installing, backing up, or updating the system.

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