Track new hires as they complete your business’s training programs.

Guarantee future job success with a powerful learning management system.

optimize your onboarding

Optimize Your Onboarding

Powerful Tools for Content Creation

Execute your design ideas and apply them to training programs with our creative tools. In having complete design control, managers have full authority over training content. This guarantees strict adherence to your company’s cultural values. Procedural knowledge is cultivated through successful employee training. Ensure your organization’s success with learning courses aligned to your company’s goals.

Embed Engaging Visuals in Your Lessons

Create noteworthy lessons by incorporating content that will captivate learners. Use existing material or generate new content for your employees to interact with. Our system supports audio and visual formats so that you are aptly equipped to capture learner’s attention. Whether you need to embed a how-to video or include an existing PowerPoint slide, our system will accommodate your needs.

analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Set Standards in Training Performance

Measure your learners’ performance to set standards for future use. Assigning numerical values to your employees’ performance gives you the ability to standardize and establish best practices. By benchmarking employees against their cohort, you will foster a competitive subculture that will strengthen employees learning abilities and ensure group success.

Automate Administrative Tasks to Sharpen Your Focus

Eliminate the trivialities associated with traditional employee training. Stop wasting time on activities that do not add any value to your training processes. Our LMS automates the menial and tedious tasks that admins often deal with when setting up an online learning environment.

usability and scability

Usability and Scalability

Scale to Your Organization Size

Eliminate the challenges of scale with a learning management tool that understands how to accommodate growing enterprises. Conventional employee training fails to deliver a stimulating and engaging experience to your staff for several reasons. With the gamification of learning, you will immediately boost employees’ proficiency across all departments and positions. Implement an employee-facing LMS that will positively impact your business’s bottom line.

An Artful User Interface Designed for Learners and Managers

Expose new hires to your standard operating procedures. Easily create a dynamic learning experience that supports your operation. The absence of a learning curve when using our platform allows managers to quickly take advantage of our superior learning solution. Your organization will benefit from enlightened employees that are not only educated in standard operating procedure, but your company culture as well.

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