Boost Employee Morale | 5 mins read

Boost Employee Morale with These Quick Tips

boost employee morale with these quick tips
Dakota Sheetz

By Dakota Sheetz

Why Businesses Should Prioritize Employee Morale

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Since the first business put the first open' sign up, the aim of the game was to work hard, work long hours, push yourself to your limits, and don't complain.

But then business owners started to realize that pushing their workers to the brink wasn't the answer. These employees were experiencing low morale and giving employees a poor work life that they were just beginning to cultivate.

The employers would solely focus on providing a positive working environment with better conditions and still reap the many rewards, like dedication and productivity.

Employee Retention
If you don't like it, then get another job, say some employers who have struggled with high turnover and low employee retention. It's true that getting another job would solve the employees' problem, but it certainly wouldn't solve the employer's.

When you focus more on helping your employees rather than essentially asking them to lump it or leave it, you can benefit from better staff retention.

You then don't need to spend thousands of dollars on recruitment agencies and training for every new worker who arrives and then leaves. Better staff retention can even improve your workplace's reputation.

It's only natural to assume that working your staff to the bone results in a high level of productivity. Except that it doesn't, the opposite is true. You can boost employee morale and productivity levels by just keeping your workers happy.

Offering morale boosting activities for them to participate in can provide just the kick necessary to improving workplace morale and productivity in the office overall.

Studies also show that when employees work fewer hours in a happy work environment can equate to higher levels of productivity than in a workplace that encourages longer working hours.

If your workplace requires creativity to thrive, you won't get that from a tired, burnt-out workforce. Most employees want the ability to come up with their own ideas and to develop their own plans for their given responsibilities.

Giving employees the freedom to express their creativity is extremely beneficial to a business. Creativity can only come from a team with high morale who take pride in their work and are inspired to help your business succeed.

As you will also know from your own experience, innovation is paramount for a business to thrive. Therefore, it's important not to underestimate how one small change in how you manage your team can make a world of difference to both their happiness and the future of your business.

How to Boost Morale in the Workplace

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From staff retention and happiness to creativity and productivity, there are many reasons why you should strive to boost employee morale. But knowing you need to and learning how to are two different things.

Ask for Feedback
You may be steering the ship, but how in touch are you with what happens below deck? Foster a workplace of communication and openness and encourage employees for feedback.

Allow your team to come to you with ideas for positive change and any issues they may have. It's a great way which can help boost morale in your workplace by merely letting your team know they matter.

Leave your office door open, or join them in the main workspace from time to time. Don't be afraid to wander around desks and ask how things are going. You'll be surprised by how many people appreciate this management approach.

Recognize Milestones
Whether you celebrate a birthday, acknowledge a loss, or share in the excitement of a promotion or milestone, you're doing wonders for your employees' morale.

A small comment, quick mention, or expression of gratitude can go a long way for an employee's self-esteem. Having a good level of employee recognition will give employees the feeling they are valuable and important to the success of the company. This can have a very positive impact on employee satisfaction and growth.

Your staff will spend more time with each other than their own family. The more supported they feel in a work-family, the more you can boost their morale to benefit your entire operation. By boosting employee morale for every team member you manage, you will make employees respect their work more and appreciate their position far more greatly.

Invest in Development and Growth
Whether you sign up your workers for education and development, or you invest in team building, you may see the benefit in doing so for boosting morale. It's all too easy for your team to feel undervalued and unappreciated due to the daily grind. Invest in them, and you're investing in your business.

What's more, team building activities can open the doors wide open for communication, company moral, leadership qualities, and trust. These can all be essential for keeping your business operating like a well-oiled machine.

Utilize Technology
Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and we're well and truly reaping the rewards. Tech, when installed in the right places, can make your workers' jobs far easier.

They may feel less stressed, under less time pressure, and in more control. You can even make use of online team project platforms to open the lines of communication between departments.


Your employees will spend more time in your business than they will in their own home. With that in mind, it's crucial to look at ways you can boost employee morale to make it a place they want to be.

  • Create a happy, healthy workplace to boost productivity.
  • Notice higher staff retention rates in a workplace that fosters happiness.
  • Recognize the importance of prioritizing employee morale for not only your staff but your business.
  • You don't have to work longer hours to experience higher productivity.
  • Boosting morale in the workplace is as simple as making a few changes.
  • Invest in development and growth.
  • Recognize milestones within your work family birthdays, anniversaries, loss acknowledgment, promotions, etc.
  • Be welcome to new technology for productivity and communication.
  • Ask for feedback your team are on the frontline and know how you could make your business operations run smoother.