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Getting a Better Grasp on Work Satisfaction

getting a better grasp on work satisfaction
Dakota Sheetz

By Dakota Sheetz

What is Work Satisfaction?

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Work satisfaction involves employees working for a company being satisfied with that company. It forms a core part of their motivation, their drive to succeed, and their willingness for the company they work for to succeed as well. It's a multi-faceted beast and one that many companies overlook on their hunt to increase their bottom line.

There's not much focus on the importance of job satisfaction as long as the work is getting done, and the employee turns up every day. Many managers and business owners may not see the value in ensuring employee satisfaction. And the work does indeed get done, but at what cost?

A satisfied employee is loyal to the company and its goals now and into the future. A satisfied employee will also speak highly of the company and the work environment (internally and externally), which can do a world of good for brand reputation.

Employees who are otherwise experiencing job dissatisfaction are less likely to speak highly of the business. This is an important factor for businesses to consider due to the influence it can have on their brand.

A business owner may offer employee engagement programs to tick all the boxes, but research shows they are a short-term fix to a problem that goes much deeper.

It's even worth noting that people connect their work's purpose with their life purpose, which means the more the two closely align, the more engaged and happier the employee.

The Mental Health Aspect
When you are trying to figure out what job satisfaction is so that you can offer it, it's worth considering the mental health aspect. Psychologists have been working on what makes work meaningful for a long time.

What they have discovered is that meaningful work benefits both the employee and the employer. Even when the work is tiresome, employees who believe in their current job can still find satisfaction in it.

Employees want to believe in their roles and want to provide good work for the company. When employers increase job satisfaction their workforce can experience an increase in productivity and quality of work they produce.

A 2010 review also showed that when an employee can find meaning in their work, they can experience an increase in motivation, empowerment, satisfaction, engagement, personal fulfillment, and performance.

To put it in basic terms, satisfied work helps people work harder and improves employee job satisfaction overall. These are all things that benefit the company and worker.

What Makes a Job Satisfying?

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To know that providing work satisfaction is rewarding for both parties, you may decide you'd like a slice of the satisfaction pie. In that case, there are a few ways you can get it.

Be the Boss You'd Want
Make sure to be a business owner or manager who supports your team's growth. Be the boss your workers admire and one who has an open communication style and acts with integrity.

You can also be a boss who gives your workers creative freedom and flexibility and makes promises you can keep. Think about everything you would want in a manager for work satisfaction and then reflect it on your team.

Focusing on providing a good work life balance for your team is also beneficial to improving the overall satisfaction that your employees experience per year based on reports.

Communication can be the be-all and end-all of the success of any business. Have an open-door policy that allows your employees to feel like you have their best interests at heart. Make them feel like no question is a silly question, and that they can come to you with any concerns they might have.

Have a Mission Your Employees Can Relate To
Around three-quarters of employees are more engaged with their work life when their organization has a purpose.

That purpose might be to ease a customer's suffering or do right by the work environment. Whatever it is, keeping that mission statement front and center can contribute to workplace satisfaction.

Make Your Workers Feel Appreciated
It's no longer enough to give your employees a paycheck and expect them to appreciate it. Sure, most people are appreciative of having a job, but you need to do more. By doing more and being more, your bottom line can benefit.

You can show appreciation for your team in several ways, such as with health insurance, workplace lunches, workday flexibility, and even a recreational area. Small things can make a huge difference.


You may never be able to achieve work satisfaction overnight in your place of business, but you can achieve it.

  • Understand what it is and how having it can benefit your business profits and reputation.
  • Realize that it's essential for worker wellbeing, engagement, productivity, and even motivation.
  • Take steps to improve your workplace's satisfaction level. You can achieve this through improved communication, being the boss you would want, having a relatable mission, and making sure your team feels appreciated.
  • Never underestimate the importance of a happy workplace environment. It might look like slacking off,' but a happy workforce is a productive one.