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    What Is Enterprise Training?

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    Enterprise training is a form of employee training. However, the goal of enterprise training is to assist a business with a large number of employees to ensure that all of their employees have access to the same standard of training.

    The business must also be able to deliver its training using methods that are effective. All of the employees within the organization may not be present at one location.

    Generally, when it comes to enterprise training, the number of employees involved is at least 10,000. They are often spread across multiple cities, states, or even countries.

    Because these entities are larger, they require better methods to deliver employee training. Yet, because they are still one entity, they want to ensure that each location provides its customers with the same standard of service or care at each location.

    Once the standard of service or care is established, this information as well as training must be provided to each location. Then, each location is required to implement as well as track the completion of enterprise training for their employees.

    Since the material used in enterprise training is the same to ensure that employees at each location are trained to the appropriate standards, there are manageable ways to roll out the content that improve access for employees. They include-

    Ensuring that the training modules are mobile-friendly- According to Growth Engineering, close to 90% of smartphone users download apps, and half of those are considered educational in nature. So, investing in an app for the use of employees for training purposes could be a great way to encourage employees to complete their training.

    Use multiple training programs so that employees can choose which training option works best for them- We know that not everyone learns the same way or prefers to learn the same way. Releasing training materials onto multiple mediums can help your employees perform better by allowing them to learn in the ways that are best for them. Examples include podcasts, webinars, quizzes, and demonstrations.

    Make it social- Growth Engineering also recommends giving it a social media feel. By providing employees with a way to be heard during the enterprise training process, your business may be more positively impacted by enterprise training.

    Of course, to rely on enterprise training, it's important to understand the basic principles involved so that your business can make it a success.

    The Basics of Enterprise Training

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    There are seven basics of enterprise training that are considered best practices to making the most of the process-

    1. Empower self-directed learning among both employees and managers- While it is important to ensure that enterprise training involves a standard of customer or client care, it is equally important to empower both managers and employees to seek their own learning experiences. Self-directed learning should always be encouraged.

    2. Offer valuable resources to your employees- These aren't just websites. Websites are great, but information can quickly become outdated. This can include connecting employees with other employees as well as additional training resources or professional growth opportunities.

    3. Offer many ways to learn- As mentioned in the previous section, we don't all learn the same way and we don't all enjoy learning the same way. Offering many ways to access enterprise training just makes sense. It can help employees make the most of their work environment if they need to access training resources during that time to better understand their duties and how to complete them.

    4. Engage their willingness to learn- Everyone knows employee training is about meeting standards. Yet, it's also about employee development. So, use enterprise training as a time to engage their willingness to learn and spark their curiosity, too. Employees are more loyal to employers who offer opportunities for continuing professional development.

    5. Be ready to adapt your training methods to the needs of your employees- Efficiency is nice and it is necessary, but your employees are more important. Be ready to adapt to meet their training needs. There's no one perfect technology that can fulfill each and every need of your employees or for your business.

    6. Be agile- Being ready and able to invest in learning technology that helps lead the way for your employees. It shows that you are agile and care about learning management and continuous growth. It makes your company a leader in the industry. It can also help employees to become more productive as well as make your business more competitive.

    7. Review the metrics given by the data- Learning technology will provide you with the metrics necessary to help you make key decisions related to enterprise training.

    By ensuring that proper tracking of employee training and learning management is in place you can not only streamline your internal training efforts but also improve in areas that would have otherwise gone unnoticed without instilling these best practices into your process.


    Enterprise training is employee training designed for employers with at least 10,000 employees.
    Employees may work at multiple locations in different cities, states, or even in different countries.
    Enterprise training strives to ensure that all employees regardless of location can achieve the same standard of care, but it can also serve as a means to help employees explore their capabilities and interests.
    Multiple methods of deployment should be used for employees to access training
    Enterprise training should offer valuable information and resources to employees and managers alike.
    Key metrics should be reviewed to ensure that the enterprise training is effective.

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